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Type 60 Roller Reamer

The rotary remer is a heavy-duty design based on a wide range of operating experience. Its simplified body construction permits drilling crews to replace parts at thhe rig.
Thereamer body utilizes drive-fit hardened reamer-pin bearing blocks. The drilling crew can easily replace these blocks. The drilling crew can easily replace these blocksin the field to maintain the body. No welding or special tools are required to service the reamer body.
A wide range of cutter types is available for most efficient cutting action in all types of formations.


1. True rolling reamer cutter - All tooth -type cutters are carburized and hardened with a deep case, hardfaced,and ground to gage. TheTCI(Type K) cutter uttilizes tungsten carbide compacts having a high compressive strenght to crush the harder formations The bore of all cutters is carburized, hardened nad honed to size to give long life to the bearing surface.

2.Reamer pin- The large diameter pin ,which is carburized and hardened, ensures good bearing wear characteristics. The reamer pin is prevented from rotating by the engagement of the end of the pins with a solt in the body bearing block. It is recommended thatthe pins be rotated 180’ in the block. when wear appears between the cutter and the pin. This usually returns the cutter to gage foradditional reaming.

3. Cross Pin- A spring pin is driven into the upper bearing block to safely return the main reamer pin and reamer cutter .This drive fit cross pin arrangement provides a sample.Yet safe locking divice.

4. Drive-Fit body Bearing Block- These blocks property position the cutter in the body to cut a full gage hole. The blocks are readily changebleby the drilling crew.

5.Socet-Head Cap Screws and Lock Washers-These are included as a secondary locking device for the reamer pins on each body for hole sizes 6 inches and larger.

Body Types:

1.  Three Points bottom Hole Reamer- This type of reamer is run between the drill collars and the bit to ensure less reaming back to bottom with a new bit.

2.  Three Point String ReamerRun in the drill collar string.this reamer provides centering of the drill collars to drill straighter holes in crocked hole areas. When run in the string, the reamer is effective in reaming out dog-legs, keys seats, and ledges in the hole.

3.  Six Points Bottom Hole Reamer-This type of reamer is in run between the drill collars and the bit, as is the three point design,but it is used where more stabilization or greater reaming capacity is required.When drilling in crocked hole areas. Packing the hole with a six point reamer has been found very satisfactory in preventing sharp changes in hole angle.

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All surface of block are carburized. Beware of fragments of this brittlo carburized surface breaking off under impact of sledge hammer.


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