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our mission

At Challenger International, our mission is to keep our customer's business flowing, with global solutions and local people.

Challenger International brings you technology in practice because technology without application is progress unrealized. We continually seek out innovative technologies that guarantee our clients efficient and cost-effective solutions to all their industrial needs. We provide comprehensive, technically advanced drilling solutions with field-proven equipment integrated into systems that increase drilling efficiency, enhance Health, Safety, and Environmental programs, and maximize our customers’ life cycle economics.

Challenger International is committed to being an industry leader in safety performance. We strive to establish high standards and continuously raise the bar in this area. The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our company’s greatest responsibilities. No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely to prevent occurrences of accidents and injuries.

Challenger International supplies both new and used drill pipe, sizes 2.375” through 7-5/8” from various manufacturers.

Challenger International supplies both integral and welded heavy weight drill pipe.

Challenger International offers various shapes and sizes of drill collars in stock to API specifications and QC inspected.

Challenger International supplies both square and hexagon kellys in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.

Challenger International carries standard lengths; other lengths are available on customers' request.

Challenger International has a vast inventory of tubulars for exploration or production drilling.

PetroMaterials new drill pipe inventory made in Japan with Sumitomo/Nippon tubes. All connections are 2" longer than standard with three cycle make break included, range 2.

Security Type Hole Openers are designed for the enlargement of pilot holes, directional drilling, and large hole applications, with sealed bearing design for maximum bearing life and cutter gage.

The rotary reamer is a heavy-duty design based on a wide range of operating experience. Its simplified body construction permits drilling crews to replace parts at the rig.